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DYK: VTE PROPHYLAXIS EXCLUSION REASONS must be addressed again when transfering inpatient to ICU even if they were addressed when initially admitted. Strange but true.


When Transferring Patients to another level of care, please use the "Rounding iForm" or the base order "transfer". Do not use the "Admit to" function on the general admission iForm. This is very confusing to the admission clerk who may assign a new account number to the patient.


RENEW Button: Click this if lit to renew any medications that are near the automatic discontinuation point (narcotics and antibiotics). The Attending Physician is ultimately responsible for this, even if a consultant has entered the original order.


Problems/Diagnoses: This list should be updated by the attending physician as often as possible to keep it relevant and short. Simply click on the Problem/Diagnosis if it is no longer active (or is duplicate) and then delete it. Nursing should be doing the same with Patient Reported Problems. This list will be part of the discharge instruction sheet and the CDA document.

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