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Transthoracic Echocardiograms previously ordered by Echo 2D w/doppler & color flow is changing to Full Echo w/wo contrast as of April 29, 2016. This change will be reflected in the Base orders, STAR system, and when viewed in the ADC VAAN DISML display.

  All Providers,

As a reminder to all Providers, since we were cited by the CMS State Reviewers by the Direct Finding on the review of records, please be sure to Date and Time all entries and orders including Outpatient/Inpatient services. All entries and signatures must be legible so as to prevent misreads or misinterpretations and decipher who to contact if clarification is needed.


***DKA iForm available 12/8/2015 under Critical Care, Medications, Protocol/Procedure/Misc, and Other iForms.***





Bayhealth Clinical and Registration Downtime - Beginning Saturday, July 30th at 12AM

In preparation for the July 30th Epic Go Live, Information Technology and Epic will be performing a cutover from our current Legacy systems to our Epic Production servers. This will impact ALL users accessing Bayhealth clinical and registration applications. Users should prepare to use downtime procedures for these applications. Systems impacted include: Horizon Expert Orders, Horizon Emergency Care, Horizon Expert Documentation, Physician Portal, Acudose, Horizon Meds Manager, Horizon Surgical Manager, Pericalm, Philips Xcelera, McKesson Laboratory, Intellishelf, Optiflex, and Star

This will occur on Saturday, July 30 starting at 12AM. The approximate downtime will be 3 hours. This downtime is required to switch our current hardware, software, and interfaces over to the new Epic environment. Departments will receive communication when the Epic Production system is available via E-mail, BayNet, and phone.

During this downtime, a reboot of all clinical PCs will occur at approximately 1AM.

Please contact Health Information Management at 7485 with any requests for Medical Records.

Please contact the Service Desk at 302.744.7196 with any questions.

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