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Critical O negative Blood Shortage


Please do not order uncrossed O negative red cells for patients stable enough to wait for typing and preferably a crossmatch to be performed


Non-urgent transfusions to O negative, stable non-bleeding patients with a hemoglobin greater than 8.0 gm/dL. are strongly discouraged and will require approval of the Blood Bank Medical Director or the pathologist on call.


Reminder: Transfer Review must be done on all changes in level of care either Higher or lower.

Education information is posted on BayNet under EMR Resources and on the Portal on My Page under the Physician Education file Folder.


New Rounding and Admission iForms currently available

MEWS-Modified Early Warning System in use on 3 North

Notice to all Surgeons and Proceduralists: The 2015 Medicare Inpatient Only Procedures is listed under the Content Explorer section of the My Page tab for your reference when scheduling your patients for procedures. It is list according to the HCPCS codes.

As a major part of our initiative to improve ED throughput at Bayhealth, we are asking for the help of the medical staff to improve patient flow. An important step will be to get discharge orders in before 11 AM for all inpatients 100% of the time every day.



KGH & MMH Drug Shortages

Southern Delaware Lecture Series
February 24


AI DuPont Monthly Physician Seminar
February 24


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